So, Christmas is here.
The ever-so-exciting time of the year, when we look back and sum up our achievements, our failures and ask ourselves what could we improve?
Maybe I could have hit the gym a bit more often. Maybe I could have booked that holidays but was always too busy. Maybe I could have taken that phone call when the recruiter called me about opportunities.
If you are feeling like not only the year is coming to an end, but your time in your current position is too; then perhaps it really is the time to move on.  
The Question is: How do you actually start looking for that new exciting role?


Looking at the job board will be probably your first stop on your hunt for a new opportunity.

So, how do they actually work? And what do you need to know before you make any steps?

Job boards can be a massively useful tool, which not only offers easy access to a huge range of positions available but also allow you to search for roles by a specific skill set and even get some healthy careers advice along the way.


Recruiters will use job boards to help them discover a range of candidates for the roles that they have available. So it pays to get your name out there because in that way you’ll be seen by not only the people advertising the job, but also those advertising ones like it.

When your CV is put in all the right places, there may not even be a need to apply at all, because the recruiters could be queueing up to headhunt you!


Always cherry pick the vacancies that interest you and don’t get sucked into applying for everything. This can make you look desperate for any role that comes your way, rather than being focused on where your greatest skills lie.


As with everything in life, jobs boards come with the odd pitfall, such as a few fake jobs which are posted simply as a way to get CVs. Ensure you do your research on the company and consultant posting the job prior to applying for the vacancy, this way you’ll know you’re not wasting your time.


In order to know that you’re putting your faith in the right recruiter, research is key. Look into the background of the recruitment agency and call the recruiter.

Don’t be put off if they may be slightly cold at first, it’s no reflection on you or your ability. It’s known that some recruiters call competitors pretending to be a candidate just to find out who their client is, so they can often be wary to start with.


Sticking with one recruitment consultant is often a great way to discover your dream career as it’s an opportunity for the recruiter to really get to know you and discover your true personality, aspirations and skill sets.

On the flip side, if you want as many recruiters to receive your CV as possible, then you need to optimise your CV – much like recruiters do with their vacancy posts. You will then get a higher ranking above your competitors.

When a CV lands on the job board CV database, recruiters have watchdogs set up so many will receive that CV within two hours of the application and if it’s good, it will then get punted around.

This all may seem a long way to go about applying for a job – after all, you’re not even at the interview stage yet. But, the fact is, if you are that serious about your career and want a professional recruiter to represent you correctly, then you have to put some effort in to get the right people on board.

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