Top Interview Tips


So you know how to find your way around the job boards, you found your recruitment agency, wrote your CV. The hard part is over, right?

Actually, getting an interview is by many considered the ‘easy part’.

However, with our professional top tips, you will be able to prepare for your interview and secure the position you are after.

Remember, a good recruiter will always call you before (and after) your interview and will give you valuable tips on what to expect and how to prepare to increase your chances.

First things first, prior to your interview, choose your outfit. It is a good idea to have one specific ‘interview outfit’ you use for occasions like meeting prospective employers. It may be anything that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Remember, first impression counts. Different job roles would require different outfits, so prepare accordingly but smart professional is always a good way to go. Remember, it is better to dress up than dress down and feel embarrassed throughout the whole interview.


We can’t stress this point enough. Doing your research is an essential part of securing your new job. Every interviewer likes to ask this question as it demonstrates the interest from the candidate side and it does go a long way if you know how to answer. Try to go an extra mile and research not only the company’s website and their social media platforms but have a look into the interviewer as well. Understanding who they are, and what is their professional background may help you to bond with them.

Prior to your interview, research the common interview questions and how to best handle them. You may not be asked exactly the same questions, but you will get the point on how to best answer them. It will also bring you peace on your mind that you are prepared. The best you can do is to sit down with family or friend and get them to ask you some of these questions. Practice, practice, practice. Make sure you prepare real-life examples to support your answers.


Being yourself in the interview is super important but do consider showing your best yourself. Not everyone is confident when meeting new people but smiling and keeping eye contact is something even shy people can achieve. Being positive, willing and enthusiastic are also important and would help you to get the interviewer on your side.

Generally, interviewers make their mind within first 5 minutes of meeting you- so start with friendly approach, firm handshake and smile. Make sure you say hello to everyone you come across in the company, should it be the reception, security or any other staff.


It is a sensible idea to bring a notepad and a pen and write down a few questions or points you would like to ask at the end of the interview. You are almost guaranteed you will be asked this. Asking specific questions to the job you are being interviewed for would demonstrate your interest and therefore it may increase your chances.

If there are some things you are unsure about or are not clear, make sure you ask your interviewer. If you fear you won’t remember what to ask, use your pad and prepare the questions beforehand.


Express your interest if you have it. Don’t be a closed book. When you feel the interview is coming to an end, do not try to close your interviewer. However, do ask the question when you are likely to hear back from them or what the next steps would be. Sometimes, you may be asked what else do you have lined up. In this case, honesty is good policy, but do not share all the details. If you are genuinely interested in the company you are seeing right now, tell them and explain your reasons why. They would want to know. Finally, always thank your interviewer for their time.


Whether you have secured your interview through a recruitment agency or directly yourself, always follow up on your interview. It can be just a simple email to once again say thank you for their time and express your wishes to looking forward to hearing from them. Try to establish the time frame when exactly will you hear back.


What was the best advice you ever get?

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  • Dressing inappropriately
  • Being late
  • Not knowing who you are meeting or where you are supposed to go
  • Using your phone during the interview
  • Being rude to Reception


Lucia Brosova